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Back Hall Press is a digital fiction publisher specializing in stories pulled from hidden corners of the new literary world. At Back Hall Press you’ll find ebooks by authors in a wide variety of genres including new adult, speculative fiction, romance, and more. Whether you’re a sci-fi fan bored of the same old formulas or a fanfiction junkie craving more of your favorite tropes, we're here to satisfy your taste in the unusual. 

Digital publishing and social media have revolutionized the way readers and writers operate, and Back Hall Press is excited to be part of a more diverse and unpredictable era in literature. While the old guard may curse the changing tides, we're more than ready to carve a new space for the offbeat, the unconventional, and the underrepresented. We keep an eye out for interesting trends in self-publishing and fan culture, and we delight in niche markets and underground communities.

At Back Hall Press, we're not worried about the future of publishing. We hope it gets really weird. 

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Write for Us

All manuscripts must be sent via this submissions form. Please follow the guidelines below.

Additional questions about submissions can be directed to Please do not email attachments.

What We Want

At Back Hall Press we delight in the offbeat, and we're especially interested in niche women's markets. While we're open to captivating works that defy genre conventions, please note that we are not seeking non-fiction, memoir, young adult, or erotica.

Preferred word counts vary depending on genre, but we do not currently accept manuscripts under 40,000 words.  

Finally, Back Hall Press values diversity and representation in literature and media. We will pass on books driven by socially regressive tropes.

Genres of Interest

New Adult

The New Adult genre features characters ranging in age from 18 to mid-20s. The plots should be clearly developed with modern, relatable themes and lots of drama. Intensity is key: love triangles, dystopian settings, and major angst are just some examples of elements that work well in this genre. 

General Romance 

Romances should be centered on a developing romantic relationship between two or more people. We welcome all levels of sensuality as long as it suits the story. We’re open to all heat levels and all subgenres of romance including contemporary, historical, paranormal, GLBTQ, multiples, and more.

Male/Male Romance

The M/M Romance has evolved from online slash and yaoi communities to become one of the hottest new romance categories. Typically written by and for women, M/M Romances should feature passionate romantic and sensual relationships between two or more well-developed male characters. 

Science Fiction & Fantasy

We’re extremely interested in unconventional Science Fiction and Fantasy manuscripts of all types including dystopian, apocalyptic, and dark fantasy stories. Unconventional concepts and diverse characters are always a plus.  

Mystery, Horror & Slipstream

We’re seeking Mystery, Horror and Slipstream manuscripts featuring well-developed female characters and new twists on old tropes. We’re very interested in the New Weird, magical realism, and genre-bending concepts. 

“Other” Fiction

Lay it on us. Back Hall Press is extremely interested in weird fiction as well as niche markets, including ones we may not know about yet. 

If you’ve got a lead on a new trend or emerging genre not listed above, hit us up at and tell us about it. (Please do not email attachments.)

How to Submit

Below is a list of what you will need to complete this submissions form. We suggest you have all the elements prepared before you begin the process.

Formatting Guidelines

Manuscript and synopsis should be formatted as follows: 

  • Double spaced
  • Black font
  • Body text: 12 point 
  • Chapter headings: 12 point bold
  • Page break between chapters

All files should be saved as RTF or DOC and named as specified below. Also, be sure to include all your basic information on the first page of each file you attach: manuscript title, genre, word count, pen name, legal name, email address, and phone number. 

What to Prepare

1. Introduction (no attachment needed)

Our form will prompt you to introduce your submission. Include the title, genre, word count, and a short description of the book. Also introduce the author, including any writing credits, social media numbers, or other relevant information. This is a sales pitch — go wild. 

2. Synopsis

Attach a 2-5 page synopsis of your book detailing plot, character development, conflict, and resolution. Name the file TITLE_Synopsis, where TITLE is the name of your book.

3. Manuscript

Your manuscript should be at least 40,000 words and fully polished for reading. Name the file TITLE_Manuscript, where TITLE is the name of your book.

4. Series Outline (if applicable)

If your book is intended to be part of a series, please attach a series outline explaining the author’s plans for future books, including the planned number of books as well as an overview of the series arc and characters. Name the file TITLE_Series, where TITLE is the name of your book.

5. Social Media Bio (recommended)

If you're active on social media, give us an overview of your online presence and the platforms you use most. This could include Tumblr, Ao3, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Name the file TITLE_Social, where TITLE is the name of your book. (Note: Social media is not a dealbreaker. Back Hall Press doesn't discriminate against luddites or hermits.) 

Response Time

Please allow 14 days for a response to your submission. If you don't hear from us within 14 days, check in with us via email.

Further Questions

Additional questions regarding submissions can be directed to Please do not send attachments to this email.

Thank You!

Thank you for submitting your work to Back Hall Press! We look forward to reading your manuscript and staying in touch.

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